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Miscellaneous “All My Life”

While being a prisoner of war, Joe thought about his wife Jean a lot. Joe started thinking about a lyric for a song for his wife. It finally became a beautiful song, called “All my life”

Just a few weeks before Joe came to Europe in May 2010, he had to go through some serious surgery on his neck.
During the surgery, the doctor also cut a nerve in Joe’s neck, that affected his mouth. Joe loves music and whistling, but this cut up nerve made this impossible. Somewhere in August, Joe went up to his bed and came down again after a few minutes.
He told me (Marco):
“You know I can’t sing any songs or whistle because of my cut nerve, but I want to give it a try and sing to you “All my life”.”
Joe started singing the song and you have no idea what it meant to me. His voice may not have been crystal clear, but it was one of the most beautiful songs I ever heard.

All My Life
Time must come and time must go dear. Now and even as before.
You and I must be together ALL MY LIFE.
Even as the moon above us | Stars that twinkle in the sky.
Shining in your eyes before me ALL MY LIFE

Then I hear music all around. There dancing in my heart, When you're near me at my side.
The lovelight in your eyes The wanting of your lips
Meets mine, you're mine all mine

Now, and even then as ever, I want you to be part of me
Loving you now and forever All My LIFE

Here you can listen to Joe's song: