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Joe at the Anthem Veterans Memorial.

In the beginning of 2012, Bob Anderson suggested to Marco that it might be a nice idea to have 2 so called commorative pavers installed at the Anthem Veterans Memorial in Arizona.

These pavers would honor Bob’s uncle, Sgt. Robert Anderson, 551st P.I.B., KIA 03 rd of January 1945 and Joe Cicchinelli.

Bob Anderson took care of the paperwork and Marco, together with his buddy Ron Langeveld travelled down to the United States.

On the 28 th of May 2012, in the company of Marco, Ron Langeveld, Bob and Lee Anderson and close friends of Joe, these pavers were unveiled. Joe was delighted with this honor and the fact that his name and that of his Sergeant Anderson would not be forgotten in Arizona .

A few pictures:(click on it to enlarge the picture)