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We’ll start with those who deserve the most credits:

To all servicemen and women who fought and/or died for our freedom:
We can never repay you for what you did and the sacrifices you made. We salute all of you men and women out there!
May we never forget……

Credits for those who made the realization of this website possible:

-Patrick Brion:
Without his help it would have been impossible. He provided us with many pictures and gave us his consent for using text from the book he wrote about Joe and the 551st:
“GOYA, The story of a 551st paratrooper”
-Dominique Potier:
Domi also provided us with some pictures of Joe. If ever we had a question, he was always quick on the reply.

Joe has many friends in Europe and the US. It’s impossible to mention all the friends that mean something to Joe. However we still like to mention a few. We saw for our self’s how these people support Joe in every way they can and touched his life:

-Frank Gahagen, nephew of GOYA bird Jack Mc Atee (K.I.A. at Rochelinval, 07th of January 1945.)
-André Hubert, one of the most early and true European friends of Joe.
-Pascal Hainaut and his wife Nathalie, good friends and author of "On the steps of an American paratrooper"
-Betty, Joe’s housekeeper and really a true support for Joe.
-Les Walker, he runs a local UPS store near Joe’s home. He’s been a great support for Joe.
-Bernadette, she and her family runs a local hotel in the Ardennes “Auberge de Carrefour”.
-Nicole Spierings, Marc Brand, Tom Peeters, Tilly Kramers, Frank Mesu, Yvonne en Elvira de Korte:
Just a few of Joe’s friends in Holland who mean a lot to Joe.
-All of Joe’s friends in Southern France. Just to many to mention….

There are so many people that know Joe and support him, to all of them:
Thank you! And keep up the good work!