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Dear visitor,
This section of the website is especially for you!
If you have a picture of you and Joe or just a unique picture of Joe that you want share with the rest of the world, this is the place to do it.
All we ask of you is to give a discribtion of what there is to be seen on the picture and where and when it was taken. Please also let us know why this picture of Joe is special to you.
Send your picture (please, just sent one!)and discribtion to:

Luuk Eradus (Netherlands) with Joe, visiting familyparc "De efteling"/Holland.
Joe had such a great time.
Tom & Ben Konings (Belgium) with Joe. Joe visited our home in May 2010 for some days. Tom & Ben loved this man.

Dominique Potier with Joe. Dominique is a very close friend of Joe.

Jelle Thijs (Belgium): I met Joe three times. The first time on memorial day (may 2010), the second time in Rochelinval (july 2010).And the third time, an unforgettable day, at the home of Marco.
On this photo: Jelle has the extreme honor of wearing Joe's Jacket. He's very proud of it!
Pascal Hainaut (Belgium)with Joe, on his 87th birthday party in Auberge de Carrefour, Baraque de Fraiture (Ardennes/Belgium).
Pascal has met Joe several times and they became close friends.
I was part of the association Forty Four Memories which organizes the annual "Walk Dragoon". This year (2010) I was lucky and honored to meet Joe. I was one of four people representing the 551st this year.
Loïc Jankowiak, France
Read this and you know what Joe means to us
We are here today because of you and so many others,who have fought for our freedom.
Thanks for that.
I have written this one year ago, before Joe went back to the United States.
Tilly Kramers (the Netherlands)
Sébastien Langlois (France) with Joe in 2010

Marc Brand (Netherlands):This photo from me and Joe is taken at his farewell party in 2010. I met Joe in July 2010 together with Marco at the museum in La Gleize. During the short conversation we had I got very interested in Joe and his 551st PIB. Later I ended up at Marco’s place to get Joe’s GOYA book and had a nice meeting with Joe that I’ll always remember. Since my meetings with Joe, I’ve visited the 551st battlegrounds in the Ardennes to see where their hard fighting took place. Joe and his buddy’s will always be top of mind when I think about the Ardennes!

Maryse and Chloé Potier (Belgium) with Joe.

This a picture of Joe and Bryan Joe Goya Feller,Bryan is the son of my nephew Frederic Feller. Frederic choose to baptism is first son by the name Bryan Joe Goya in tribute to Joe.Also on the picture Jessica,Frederic's daugther.

Mike Lupo (Arizona) with Joe in 1998.
Joe with David et Gene Haubecq
Joe with Jean-Michel Delroeux in Noirefontaine 2007.
Jean- Michel adopted the grave of 1st Lt Joseph A Farren in 2004 and created on Facebook "the Friends of 551st PIB" group.

Eddy Lamberty, Joe, Claude Orban and Pascal Hainaut.
"We were the organizer of the unveiling ceremony for the plaque at the Noirefontaine farm. The plaque is a gift from Joe."
Eddy has his onw weblog. You can find it here. (-click-)


Joe with Bob and Eveline Konings in Grandmenil. Joe spent 8 days in our bed and breakfast. We had lots of fun, this man has got humor with a big H. We visited the Grandmenil elementary school in Grandmenil where Joe told several stories about the war.
We had a great time with this tall paratrooper.
Joe with the guys from Police Brabant Noord. In 2010 they were present for the memorial services in Ardennes Cemetery, Henri Chapelle and Magraten and escorted Joe on the fields.

Martin Gijsbers, Jan Meulemans, Luuk Rosenau, Elmar Nielen, Dick van den Broek, Jürgen Lensvelt, Marco Eradus, Ron Langeveld, Boudewijn Roovers, Gerwin Kohler.
Joe on a visit in Stock des Ardennes in Salmchateau.
Owner Martino Delges recognised Joe and gave him some presents.
Joe with former CRIBA chairman Andre Hubert.
To me (Bob) this is a masterpiece: Andre is selling a book about the battle of the bulge to Joe for the famous "Joe's One Dollar Billet".
A splendid evening with two wonderful men.